I know, this sounds crazy but here's my number, so call me maybe. 0790566640

Or write me a mail, that's fine too.

Coffee works as well. Bondegatan 64 116 33 Stockholm

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Whether a spot or short, directing and producing a film is all about telling a clear story that elicits a desired emotional state. The story needs to be conceived and crafted to lead the audience in a certain direction. Through my studies I am able to fully produce movies from the script to the grade. Furthermore, I am specialized in direction and work throughout the Art Department.


Every project requires its own unique, design-conscious frame. From concept development to the polishing of an idea it needs to be represented in every detail. Its consistency can only be achieved if all collaborators understand the frame clearly from the beginning. My goal is to find the frame that best fits the project and ensure its consistency in every single detail.


I am constantly looking to challenge myself creatively by expanding my experience into other mediums and disciplines. Despite my specializations, it is important to me to go outside of my comfort zone by working in unfamiliar and creatively challenging areas. This passion has led to work on photo series for magazines and public exhibitions, documenting the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015 and gaining practical hands-on experience in Special Make Up Effects at an Oscar winning company in Barcelona.