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15 Minutes of Fame / Direction and Production Design

15 MINUTES OF FAME tells the story of John Wimmer who became famous by winning a casting show. 2 years later he finds himself sitting on a big pile of debts. Will he find a way out?

short film
20 min

comedy / drama

2016 / Austria


Harry Lampl

Yascha Finn Nolting

Sarah Baum

Birgit Michalke


Melanie Beran

Niklas Distler

Marlena-Marie Grübl

Julia Prock-Schauer

Written and Directed by

Felix Augustin Greisinger


Christian Henninger


Lukas Leitner

Production Designer
Felix Augustin Greisinger


Sound Design
Lukas Gwechenberger


Ben Költringer

Post Production
Jeremia Schwegler

Costume Design
Marius Valente

Make Up
Christina Sieberer

Special Make Up Effects

David Marti

Montse Ribe

Unit Manager

Michael Winiecki

Best Boy

Lukas Malle

Production Assistant

Jakob Knoll

Lisa Krautgasser

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