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Elektra / Production Design

Game developer Emma fights against the misogynist attitudes of her male coworkers with ambition as her weapon.

A shy small-town girl Emma, 24, starts to work as a game developer in an up-and-coming game company called Homeros. She's excited to release the feminist game character Elektra she's been developing for years. Elektra has gained a huge fanbase online and Emma is sure Elektra will succeed.

short film
6 min

2022 / Stockholm


Tehilla Blad

Nathalie Ifter Salomonsson

Fabian Hedlund

Martin Hendrikse


Elisa Kujala

Carla Mantilla



Simon Averin

Production Designer
Felix Augustin Greisinger

Sound Design
Petar Mrdjen


Elisa Kujala

Sound Design’s assistant

Jacob Felixson

Casting director

Mareneline Markussen

Production Assistant

Brynhildur Þórarinsdóttir

1st Foto Assistant

Gustaf Fagerberg


Jennifer Karlsson

Scenography assistant

Tuva Jagell

Agnes Almkvist

Make-up Artist

Lisa Sellin

Costume assistant

Jeff Miller

Location representative

Pau Montero

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