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MASC4MASC / Direction and Production Design

MASC4MASC is a thought-provoking short film that confronts our preconceptions of intimacy, in correlation with the complex themes of hypermasculinities and oppression within the queer community.


The film explores the impact of how a distorted self-image can affect your perception of intimacy and challenges us to reconsider and reevaluate our understanding of intimacy.

The film establishes gay men as new norm, which means that the sexuality of the characters is not the conflict of the film itself, but an influence of a distorted image of masculinity and its effects.

short film
8 min
Satirical drama

2024 / Stockholm

Released 2024


Victor Iván


Filip Doré

Adrian Cruz

Emir Waldmark

Lucas Wallenberg

Lorre Michell

Big thank you to all the extras

Written and Directed by

Felix Augustin Greisinger



Svante Tidholm

Co Producer
Irene Lopez

Christine Leuhusen

Sound Design

Petar Mrdjen

Alexander Linder
Erik Dahlström


Peter Englund


Production Designer
Felix Augustin Greisinger

Music Composer
Petar Mrdjen
Anders Nilsson
Knut Olav Rygnestad


Intimacy Coordinator
Sara Arrhusius

Jesper Melander


Solin Bakircian


First Assistant Camera

Caitlin Royse


Clapper Loader

Elliot Elmblad

Co Producer
Irene Lopez

Mac Tang
Jesper Melander

Best Boy 

Toma Bellotti

Production Design Assistant

Anna Tofilovski

Stella Nilsson

Make Up
Camelia Rozi

Make Up Assistant
Ljuba Grishkina

Costume on set
Sarah Ljungdahl

Script Assistant
Luna Odoany

Sara Montoya

Production Assistant

Alice Sunnelius

Supervisor SKH
Ester Martin Bergsmark


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